Thailand diaries: Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta and Phuket

Hello fellow travellers!

With the summer almost over and our heads spinning from the stress of the rainy autumn slowly approaching (and in my case, going back to school for my last year of university), it’s time to plan the ultimate winter break! I recently got back from my not-long-enough trip to Thailand and I have some tips to share with you.

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Hello Lovelies!

Summer is getting closer and closer so it’s time to really get into that diet and get your desired body! The hardest part of a diet for me is staying away from all the sweets, chocolates and cakes. So I’m trying my best to find the healthy alternatives. This time, I was craving chocolate so I decided to go for a brownie. AVOCADO BROWNIE. Yes, avocado is everywhere right now but what can we do when it’s so delicious?! 

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Corset belts are not just a trend that fades away, it’s seems they are here to stay, helping us to shape up our figures. It seems this trend is only focusing on basic colors like back, white, blush-beige or navy and is worn over simple classic pieces ranging from white shirts to shirt dresses and knits.


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Gossip Girl’s Fan Guide : NYC

Hello from New York!

Since I’m currently living in the Big Apple and I’m a huge Gossip Girl fan (watched it like a million times) I wanted to make a little guide for all of you who would like to follow the steps of the NY elite. (I haven’t checked out all the places yet but I will sure try to add more in the following posts.)

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5 Fall/Winter Trends Spotted on Celebrities

Hello lovelies!

Scrolling Instagram religiously, I’ve selected few trends which you really should have in your closet for fall/winter season. (Working in Zara, I can say I have half of these and some more, spending my salaries there every single month.) 


You must have at least one to keep you cozy these chilly seasons. But don’t get too comfy! Throw in something like over the knee boots or some crazy heels to make it sexy. 

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Spring/Summer menswear trend report

Hello boys (or girlfriends/wives wanting their man to be fashionable)! 

As I promised to my lovely friends, I’m gonna talk a bit about menswear trends. I’ve never really been interested in men’s fashion world, of course I love a well-dressed man but I’ve never searched for trends or style inspirations (I’m not counting liking every picture of Mariano Di Vaio – who is the one you should follow guys). 

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