Gossip Girl’s Fan Guide : NYC

Hello from New York!

Since I’m currently living in the Big Apple and I’m a huge Gossip Girl fan (watched it like a million times) I wanted to make a little guide for all of you who would like to follow the steps of the NY elite. (I haven’t checked out all the places yet but I will sure try to add more in the following posts.)


  1. It all starts with Serena being spotted at the Grand Central after leaving for boarding school.



2. The MET steps, probably one of the most important spots in the first episodes. Unfortunately, it was snowing when I was there so no gossips and yoghurt for me but come spring, I’ll be there every day.



Wearing: • Hat: H&M  •  Long Knitted Sweater: Italian brand  • Faux Leather Pants: New Look  • Boots : Zara  •Faux Fur Coat: Unreal Fur 

3. Remember when Dan was helping Vanessa choose sweets for hers and Nate’s anniversary? (Yes, that was the moment Dan told V he and S share a sibling.) It all happened in Dylan’s Candy Bar (the world’s biggest candy store) and I’m glad it was there because I absolutely fell in love with the store and wished I can eat sweets from there every day.



Wearing:  • Hat : Stradivarius  • Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat: Zara  • Leather Effect Trousers : Stradivarius  • Leather Backpack : Zara


4. Moving to Chuck’s biggest success, Empire. Not only I wanted to see the hotel alone, but when I discovered you can actually have GG themed drinks I just had to go there for a fab night out. They only had Chuck’s cocktail at the moment, which was a bit disappointing but it’s his hotel, so it only makes sense to have that one. Both Lobby and Rooftop bar are everything you would imagine from Chuck’s lifestyle: sleek, very elegant and dark.


Wearing: • Hat: H&M  • Sequin Dress: Zara  • Necklace : Mango  • Fishnet Tights  • Leather Heeled Boots: Zara  • Faux Fur Coat: Unreal Fur  • Handbag: Zara

IMG_1112 IMG_1108

5. Speaking about Empire, I couldn’t go without a visit to the Empire State Building where Chuck was waiting for Blair giving them the last chance. However, I didn’t see anyone holding pink peonies nor did I see them in the bin.


6. And lastly, we can’t forget about Dan, I took a walk on the Brooklyn bridge straight to the Dumbo trying to find the Humphrey’s loft.




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