The only Dublin city guide you need: Day 3

Haileo, it’s Day 3 already ! 

Day 3 was Sunday, so we wanted to chill a bit and do those “family Sunday things” and therefore we decided to take the tour bus and make our way to their lovely Zoo (which was the 23rd stop). It was really nice to see every single tourist attraction accompanied with comments from our funny bus driver (however we were totally frozen by the time we got to the Zoo). 

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The only Dublin city guide you need: Day 2

Haileo! (Hello!) 

Day 2 started with a chance of sunshine, however haven’t stayed like that for long. We decided to have a little walk around the city and ended up by the the Jeanie Johnston Tallship which is a life-size replica that takes you back in time and showing how catastrophic famine was in Ireland in the mid-1800s. I’m not much of a history person, however it was one of the most interesting things I’ve seen in Dublin. Being below the deck and seeing the conditions people had to live in during their month-long journey to America and listening to their stories was quite touching. 

The Jeanie Johnston Tallship

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It is all about the sunglasses!

It’s been a month since I posted something new because I was fully engaged with my exams and had a wee trip afterwards to lovely Dublin (which I will write about more in my next posts). But now, hot news! Lovely people from FarFetch contacted me to create an Avant-Garde Spring/Summer look around their amazing sunglasses. It was tough because I loved almost all of them but I couldn’t just post them all here but you should definitely have a look at their website.


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My favourite Autumn / Winter outfit

My second style pick is again inspired by the 70s. I just fell in love with this period’s silhouettes, patterns, colours, materials, everything. Most of all SUEDE! I think it just screams autumn, especially in the earthy colours like the colour of my dress. (However it’s been here through all of the seasons.) A-line mini dress, however, are typical for 60s, but I can’t get enough of this feeling of freedom when wearing it. Continue reading

My favourite Autumn / Winter outfit

My first style for these seasons is great for basically any occasion, going to school, going on a date, going out shopping… The key piece is the midi faux suede skirt in camel. Midi has been a huge trend recently and as almost everything these seasons, it stems from 70s as the material does too. Suede has the ability to make any outfit more fashionable and you can wear basically anything with it. Continue reading