Thailand diaries: Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta and Phuket

Hello fellow travellers!

With the summer almost over and our heads spinning from the stress of the rainy autumn slowly approaching (and in my case, going back to school for my last year of university), it’s time to plan the ultimate winter break! I recently got back from my not-long-enough trip to Thailand and I have some tips to share with you.

I stayed at 3 different islands: Koh Phi Phi Don, Koh Lanta and Phuket, however my main stay was at Phi Phi so I’ll talk about that one in a bit more detail.


So in Thailand, the high season lasts from December to March, which is the dry season with sun shining almost all the time so be prepared for some overcrowded beaches and higher prices. Between April and November, it rains a lot with some days being very sunny, sometimes interrupted by a few showers that. Well, I can say for myself, that you never know what to expect – I had a sunny week in Phi Phi and then after arrival to Koh Lanta, the heavy rain started which made me leave after 3 days and move to Phuket. Nevertheless, I would still recommend going to Thailand in the low season because of the piece and quiet, but be aware that the locals tend to close their businesses for this part of the year, and it might get a bit difficult to find an open restaurant like I struggled in Koh Lanta.

You really must…

Okay, except the obvious like chill on the beach and soak in the turquoise water..go on a little hike in Phi Phi to the view point to see the whole island (not kidding, the WHOLE island).

Do a bit more exercise – rent a kayak and explore the hidden treasures close by. We kayaked to a small beach called Monkey Beach, which was about 15mins from the Phi Phi beach and it was AMAZING! The beach is really tiny so the perfect Insta picture material and if you’re lucky you can have it all to yourself.


But most importantly….go on a cruise! This is very IMPORTANT! Do your research when planning on going because some prices are just ridiculously high. We went for an early morning cruise with the speed boat (there’s an option for the traditional long tail boat as well), the cruise starts at 6am to beat the crowds and trust me, it’s worth it! The first stop is the legendary BEACH where DiCaprio found his paradise, Phi Phi Leh. It’s just a tiny island with one tiny beach but if you really beat the crowd as we did, you’ll fall in love immediately.

Second stop was for snorkeling, so we stopped at Pileh Lagoon to chase some fish. I’m not the biggest fan of the underwater world but this was really nice – not only because of the underwater creatures but the lagoon is just stunning as well!

Then the boat continued around the Viking Cave and stopped at the last place, Monkey Beach. By this time, all the tourists were up and discovering Thailand’s beauties as well, so the beach was really crowded. I saw monkeys running freely when I was in Bali and knew that these cute little creatures are really vicious so I didn’t really want to come face to face with them. However, if you wish to see them and snap a little insta-worthy picture, this is the place for you.

Dine and drink…

Read carefully: If you’re a Thai food freak like me and my boyfriend, EAT EVERYWHERE AND TRY EVERYTHING! Seriously guys, we never had a bad food experience and we tried everything from fancy restaurants to small “bistros”. My personal favourite, of course, were coconut and massaman curry. Some spots that you should definitely try out: Phi Phi – Pa- Noi and Basil Bistro and in Phuket: Peony. Well, as for the drinks…Phi Phi is crazy for parties, they live for it, so you should buy a “traditional” Thai bucket which is your regular sand bucket filled with any booze you can think of. And while eating your fav dish, don’t forget to try Thai beers to cool down the burning mouth.


Bring home:

Thailand is known for its cosmetics so no wonder you can buy them basically anywhere. I bought some face masks and powders just to try it out and it was all really good for my skin, the only downside – might get difficult to use if you don’t speak Thai. However, if you should buy just one piece of cosmetics, go for the Magic Cocoons! This can sound a bit creepy but the silk cocoons are used as a face soap and it works wonders with your pretty face.

Then of course, you have to buy a lot of spices if you love the cuisine as I do. Some other nice gifts are all the things made from coconut and hand crafted soaps. 


So what are you waiting for? Let’s book that (well-deserved) winter getaway straight away! 

Let me know if you want more information on anything regarding Thailand travels.

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