The only Dublin city guide you need: Last day

Haileo, it’s our last day in Dublin already!

After three days of getting soaked and walking around the city all days I agree I was kind of happy to go back to Aberdeen (who would say one can miss the Scottish weather). Our flight was in the evening so we had some time for the remaining attractions and shopping (my favourite part). 


(The strangest monument I’ve ever seen and even Dubliners don’t like it. It’s called The Spire of Dublin and it’s 121.2 m tall stainless steel pin-like monument which you can’t capture on the photo.) 

First thing in the morning we went to see old jail, Kilmainham Gaol. If you want to go there I suggest you to go in the morning because it is always booked out and it is an interesting thing to see. The jail was an inspiration for many film makers and many movies were filmed there (The Italian job) and even music videos (U2- A Celebration). What I found very interesting was the architecture of the building, it was clear which parts were newer and which much much older. Many people wanted to get in the prison during big famine and it became so overcrowded that inspectors could not walk through the corridor (children, women and men were mixed together). Why is it considered to be one of the most important Irish monuments? Because the majority of the Irish leaders in the rebellions as well as the leaders of the Irish War of Independence were imprisoned there.



After this, it was just shopping, caffe and the best burrito in Dublin, Saburritos  (really worth trying). My first steps were to American Apparel in search of a new hat (unsuccessful). After that the only thing I wanted were Ladurée macarons so we walked around looking for Brown Thomas were they were supposed to be. Oh man, we found it and the store was amazing. You can find all the big designers there, however being a student I just wondered around sobbing. (But I bought myself CK panties to cheer myself up.) Finally, we found the macarons and it was one of the toughest decisions I made- choosing flavours. Happy with my macarons we headed to the lovely caffe for hot chocolate and pralines and what surprise was waiting for me in front of that cafe? LADURÉE caffe! I was so sad to find it out after buying macarons and having chocolate ten seconds ago. However, my boyfriend being as caring as he always is, bought me another macarons (Valentine’s special edition hearts) and we sat for a tea. I totally fell in love with the place, colours, decors – everything was just lovely. 







So, if you’re thinking about weekend getaway, Dublin is a great option and there are far more places to visit (but we were a bit lazy to start very early in the morning). 


(Here you have some inspiration of what you can get to your friends and family)

Hope you enjoyed my posts and get ready for my London Fashion Weekend summary!



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